Pilates and Massage…why it’s a perfect combo

Pilates not only contributes to one’s physical well-being; it also helps to connect the mind to the body. Through proper breathing and concentrating on the movements, the practitioner becomes more aware of how his body feels, where it is in space, and how to control his movements. As with Pilates, massage promotes better circulation; feeding muscles, bones and internal organs with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly. In addition, both promote greater flexibility and range of motion, and reduce muscle tension and stiffness. Having stronger, more flexible muscles also improves balance and helps put the body in its proper alignment.
Our studio integrates Pilates training with massage therapy to help eliminate chronic pain or tension points. For example, a lot of people have very tight neck and shoulder muscles. Those people typically have weak upper back muscles that support the shoulder blades. Pilates training strengthens the upper back muscles, creating a counter balance that allows the neck and shoulder muscles to relax. Mixing Pilates and massage techniques creates balance in opposing muscle groups. Pilates strengthens the weak muscles, and massage releases tension in the areas that are tight. At the end of each Pilates session our clients enjoy a brief massage and passive stretching. Clients really like the aspects of getting a full workout session and then ending it with a massage to relax the muscles they just worked.
(90 minute massage sessions are available however they must be booked in advance.)